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News & Gigs

~ Harold with Evan Parker!

On 6th September at 20-00 Levontin 7 Evan Parker with Israeli musicians, including Harold Rubin, Yoni Silver and Maya Dunietz
This is a great opportunity to hear the legendary Evan Parker!

~ A Suite for 3 Clarinets

20th September at 22-00 Hagada Hasmalit, Ehad Ha-am 70 T. A. "A Suite for 3 Clarinets" Anat Kochavi (Berlin) bass clarinet, Yoni Silver bass clarinet & Harold Rubin clarinet.
27 September "A Suite for 3 Clarinets" at 21-00 "Piramida" Haifa

~ "Bardo" Dance performance

11th September "Bardo" Tamar Borer - dance at Tmuna Theater. Tel Aviv.

~ Music Meeting

29 August at 22-00 Hagada Hasmalit Ehad Ha-am 70 T.A. With Yoni Silver & Adam Sheflan, part of the "Music Meeting"

~ "Bardo" Dance performance

"Bardo" Dance performance by Tamar Borer, with Royi Sandrovitch and live music Harold Rubin at Tiatron Tmuna 27.5.2008 at 20.30

~ Abigail Rubin & Harold Rubin Duo

Abigail Rubin & Harold Rubin Duo - Music & Dance 15.5.2008 at 20 30 Tiatron Tmuna - Zhansino #8 Tel Aviv.

~ Harold with guests at Pyramida - Haifa

Harold Rubin: clarinet, Jean Claude Jones: bass & live electronics with Guests: Steve Horenstein: saxophones, Ofer Bymel: Percussion. Saturday 12th of April, 2008 21.00 at PYRAMIDA - Center for Contemporary Art, Miller Stairs #6 Waddi Salib Haifa.

~ Bardo performance

Bardo - a performance by Tamar Borer in collaboration with Harold Rubin & Roi Senderovitch on 13th of March, 2008 at Theatre Tmuna, Sontsino 8, Tel Aviv - 20.30h

~ One time Zaviot reunion!

The legendary group Zaviot will briefly reunite soon. A reunion concert of Zaviot will be held on 28th of February, 2008 at Levontin 7, Tel Aviv - 21.00h with Reuben Hoch (U.S.A.) on drums, Mark Smulian - bass, Arly Lieberman - guitar and Harold Rubin - clarinet. The group will perform new material, which they also intend to record for a new album.

~ Harold Rubin awarded The Landau Prize for the Performing Arts

Harold Rubin was recently awarded The Landau Prize for the Performing Arts in the catogary of Jazz. The prize will be presented on 10th of March, 2008 at the Susan Delal Dance Center, Tel Aviv.

~ New Album Released!

The new album, entitled "A MONO MUSICAL SUITE FOR THREE MANIC MUSICIANS", which was recorded in 2005 with Maya Dunietz (piano) and Yoni Silver (bass clarinet) is now available, Please see the discograpy for details.

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